Why am I procrastinating getting started?

Question: I am having a hard time prioritizing the initial lessons. I read that I should do the first 12 lessons before jumping into calls and classes etc. I have done the first two but have been struggling wanting to make time for it. It seems everything else in my life is more important. By the time I have time for me this doesn’t appeal to me to be what I want to do with my time. But that frustrates me more because I want to want to. I know that doing this will help me and my marriage. I have felt that in just the first two lessons. I love your podcasts and I know I will love what you have to teach. I am frustrated with myself and do not understand my lack of motivation.

Answer: You don’t need to do all of the lessons before coming onto calls and classes.  If you can get through the first two or three, that is best and then you will have a basic understanding of the model and feelings.  The more you can listen to and do, the more you will understand.

I know this is more work, but consider doing a thought download with the question “Why am I procrastinating?” at the top.  Just write what your brain comes up with.  No judgement.  Spend maybe 5-10 minutes and see what your brain says and then bring that back here or to a coaching call.  Another questions to ask yourself is “Why is everything else in my life more important?”  I don’t know the answers to these questions (although I have some guesses based on my years of experience,) but YOU DO!  

C: Embrace You Elite Society
T: I have no motivation
F: Frustrated
A: Don’t do anything
R: Still no motivation

Motivation is a FEELING, which comes from the way you are thinking.  It doesn’t come from nowhere.  So if we can figure out what you are thinking that causes the lack of motivation, then we can work to change it.  I would guess it’s that you are afraid of something.  Fear is usually a big driver of NOT doing something.  What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of getting if you do the work? What would you have to give up? What would have to change? But what would you gain?  Your “WHY” from lesson 1 homework is important.  With the right WHY you will stay motivated to create change, even when it’s hard.

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