Live Coaching Call 01.06.21

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (0:00) I listen to these podcasts, I read books, I do/review the things from your program and I feel like such a failure. I feel so hopeless. I don’t see a point in trying anymore because I’m “doing/studying all the right things” and still don’t feel differently or feel change. I’m ready to give up.
  2. (11:00) I had to deliver my baby at 20 weeks stillborn due to medical complications. (Our baby had no kidneys) We spent some time with him in the hospital and buried him right before Christmas. It’s been a lot of emotions as you can imagine, and I want help navigating those for myself.
  3. (27:00) Goals and weight loss
  4. (36:38) Helping my friend and her sexual relationship with her husband