Live Coaching Call 01.20.21

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (0:00) I would like to talk about being intimidated talking about sex at my age when the culture around me tells me that it’s gross if you’re old!
  2. (15:00) My son has been dating a girl for about a year, great girl. He is a senior and she is a junior in HS. They have been close for a very long time and have future plans after his mission, if that all works out of course.
    Her mother is a close friend and a total control freak.
    She recently found out that they have been kissing and lost her mind! Took her daughters phone away, said they can’t see each other except at school.
    I would like some help as to why I should do to help my son?
  3. (32:00) How do I deal with my mom being angry and frustrated with my dad and my kids while I am staying with her.
  4. (47:00) How do I find my purpose?