Live Coaching Call 01.26.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (02:34) – Working through the stages that were discussed in January’s class.
  2. (15:18) – My husband is a high desire spouse. (He has admitted that he has a very high desire.) I live somewhere in the middle of this scale. We have had a few discussions about where we both want to be with our sexual relationship and we both agreed to a certain number for the week. He doesn’t want to stick to this number and gets upset when I turn him down. He’s not reacting the way he used to, but he always wants to know the reasons for me not wanting sex and then tries to make me feel guilty for turning him down. I’ve tried telling myself that this is his problem to deal with but I continue to feel guilty for not accommodating his needs. I have had the “good girl” syndrome for so long and I find myself fighting this a lot!
  3. (29:30) – I did a peer coaching session and the lady ripped apart my coaching.  I’m feeling terrible about it.