Live Coaching Call 02.07.2023

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (03:09) – I have some pretty cool plans for my future. I also want to base my identity in the right place. Not in business and not even in this next place that we move to. But I still feel out of sorts. 
  2. (20:43) – Understanding how to deal with the difference between my husband and mine’s relationship. He desires to be “nomadic” at times and it feels like he wants to be alone and run away from everyone. I don’t mind him being alone at times but it seems like the things that are important to me don’t line up with when he feels he needs alone time.
  3. (34:51) – I’m just coming home from the retreat and tried to have a conversation with my husband and it’s not working.  I rediscovered who I am and how I want to show up at the retreat but he wants to just keep us in old patterns even though it really doesn’t work for either one of us.