Live Coaching Call 02.23.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:17) – Last week we were at my Mother in laws – I was in the kitchen in the evening preparing a meal. She was going for her daily walk and as she came through the kitchen she stopped and helped me clean out her oven (she keeps her pots and pans in the oven). As we were cleaning it out she said, “I have so much to do – I can’t keep up – This is not a hotel and this is not an open kitchen! – I’m too old for this!” and then she walked out of the house – closed the door and left. I know that we will be going back because Clarence has work to do there and I’m just over it. I’m not sure I ever want to stay there again but I know that will cause tension AND I want to see my son and his family. I would stay with them but they have a very tiny house and she has three extra bedrooms. My thoughts are all over the place. Why would she say this to me? to She is a cranky old lady. She doesn’t want us there. She tells her daughters that she has anxiety and can’t handle company but while we were there her best friend had a tragedy in the family and she came up to stay the night. All through the day company was dropping by and hanging out to check on her and my mother in law showed no signs of anxiety in the midst of the chaos. She seemed to enjoy it…. She said she hopes her friend moves in with her and also her brother. Why does that not make her anxious and we do?
  2. (11:23) – I’m nursing my last baby and I do not like when my husband sucks on my nipples.  I ask him to stop and he usually does but them comes back to it.
  3. (23:36) – I’m trying to adjust with how things are now.  But my brain keeps telling me “this is all you used to it and you should be better.” How can I change that?