Live Coaching Call 03.07.2023

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:56) – My husband has an intolerance for crying, whining or any negative behavior. I sincerely feel anxious about leaving my daughter with him if she is in any sort of negative mood. She’s a year old now and I have only left her with him for a max of three hours and I was super nervous. It’s hard to imagine moving forward in having kids with this behavior. I deeply want to have more kids though. I feel nervous that this behavior of his will only worsen as kids throw tantrums and are upset. I don’t know how to move forward with these thoughts.
  2. (28:39) – My husband and I recently went six 6 days without having sex, which is the longest we’ve gone in quite a while.  I came on to him and he dismissed me.  Then he was mad the next day when he came on to me but I didn’t recognize it at the time.  He said we’re going back to how things were before.  I feel angry and ripped off that my sexuality is so much work.
  3. (40:10) – I’ve decided that I have ADHD and I’d like to try meditation before medication.  I think it definitely affects me sexually because I have such a hard time staying present.
  4. (44:57) – I feel like I don’t have time for sex and when I do it takes so much effort and if we are interrupted it’s just gone.
  5. (53:37) – I have a celebration! I feel like I don’t have to manage everyone all the time and it has given me so much freedom and peace.  I also feel like I have more time and head space to work on my own things and I’m not being as manipulative.  Yay!