Live Coaching Call 03.10.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (02:14) – How can I know if I’m done having kids? My husband is neutral about it (probably doesn’t want any more if I had to decide one way or another). I hate being Prego, but I still feel like I could do it one more time. There is PTSD with pregnancy and all the issues that we have as pregnant women- But, I still feel a desire for one more. I want to trust in Gods plan for me and my family- but how can I really work through the emotions and thoughts that keep surfacing? How can I figure this out before I go crazy thinking about it nonstop
  2. (19:22) – Lots of lower brain thinking when it comes to sex. Making things problems when they don’t have to be.
  3. (34:33) – How do I deal with the hopelessness and fear that I have.
  4. (42:43) – My daughter got her mission call but things are changing and I’m worried about how to handle it.
  5. (50:15) – After our coaching and I showed up the way I wanted sexually, my husband wasn’t there so I shut down.  Now I am having trouble opening myself back up again.