Live Coaching Call 03.16.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:42) – I’ve discovered recently that I have *very* little “t” trauma regarding any physical contact outside of sex with my husband. There were a few years in our marriage where, due to mental health and other circumstances, I was doing duty sex. Some how I’ve related any physical touch with my husband expecting it to lead to sex. Now, I have a hard time even just holding hands or cuddling at night. I noticed when talking to my husband about experimenting with different things during “pleasure practices,” and later telling him about it, I was SUPER awkward 😂 I felt like if I told him what I tried/experienced that that would be the standard every single time or that I had to do “x” all the time for him to be satisfied with ME. We talked about it and he reassured me that wasn’t the case so it’s all self inflicted expectations. I want to be able to move past the little t trauma of having duty sex and be able to even just cuddle with him at night without feeling guilty for not initiating sex.
  2. (14:13) – I feel so much pressure to keep my husband happy sexually
  3. (25:55) – Trying to find a balance between what I want in bed and what he wants in bed.