Live Coaching Call 03.24.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:25) – I’m looking for approval from others and feel very lonely when I feel like I’m not connecting with anyone.  This brings up my anxiety more than anything else.
  2. (11:54) – I just learned that my husband views my having sex with him as evidence that I want him and that he’s important to me. So, when I don’t agree to sex or don’t initiate, he begins to think that he is not important to me and that I don’t want him. He also views it as I don’t have time for him. I’m struggling to not own how he feels and feel like I “should” have sex with him more often so he feels wanted and loved, even though logically I know I can’t control how he feels.
  3. (25:29) – My anxiety within my marriage is skyrocketing. With him leaving the church, our marriage has been so rough. He told me a while back that he wanted to start drinking, and I am so not okay with that. Also also expressed to him that I have a hard time trusting what he does because he’s changed so much and don’t know as much of who he is anymore. He told me afterwards that he wouldn’t drink yet because he wants to build my trust. But I discovered some messages between him and a buddy of his that really has me worked up. I don’t know how to handle moving forward and don’t want to keep spiraling.
  4. (42:31) – I am having a hard time enjoying sex. I am on week 8 in the course. I am still struggling to try and see myself as a sexual being, and re-creating my image of myself to be in that role. I am trying hard to be open minded, try new toys, stay engaged mentally, and continue on self-progress so I can “show up” for sex. I find myself feeling a little burnt out with how much I am trying to change my mindset, and it is bringing me anxiety- feeling like I am not progressing towards liking sex (vs just going through the motions). Where am I stuck? What can I do to try and enjoy sex more? What am I missing?
  5. (01:01:30) – When I am using fantasy during sex I often feel disconnected from my body.  How can I do both?