Q&A Call 04.14.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:09) – What can I tell myself to create more desire?
  2. (04:30) – What are some ways to have connection after sex?
  3. (05:24) – How does submission in the bedroom contribute to or build trust?
  4. (07:57) – In what ways could sex be good for me?
  5. (09:30) – Is there still room in the Couple’s Retreat in October?
  6. (10:28) – What if intercourse feels invasive?
  7. (10:59) – Sometimes I say or do something that my husband takes out of context and makes him feel pushed away, and then I feel pushed away. How do we come back together for any sort of connection?
  8. (13:45) – I’ve been doing trauma work for almost 6 months and it’s not changing. (cont.)
  9. (14:40) – I’m having a hard time being creative with fantasies. Do I share these with my husband?
  10. (18:29) – How do you change your idea of sex after years of marriage?
  11. (19:34) – If I choose not to wear my garments to feel sexy and my husband is unsupportive, what next?
  12. (21:02) – What are you top podcast downloads?