Q&A Call 05.10.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:47) – I’m currently the lower desire spouse but I feel like I could be the higher desire spouse because I used to struggle with masturbation growing up. I’ve hit a wall because I keep repeating the thought that it’s wrong to masturbate. I don’t want to feel pressured.
  2. (06:44) – Is there a lesson on learning to trusting yourself more?
  3. (10:10) – I understand, in theory, the idea of stair stepping thoughts but in reality, I don’t know how to do it.
  4. (11:29) – I’ve really grown into the belief that sex in my marriage is completely between me and my husband and God but at church we are told what is right and wrong. How can I keep my personal feelings on sex in marriage and stay apart of a church that constantly tells you what is right and wrong.
  5. (16:57) – How do I allow my husband to be upset when I say no to sex without mirroring him?
  6. (20:27) – My husband recently started to want to talk about our sexual relationship and it seems my desire has tanked because he wants to talk about it.
  7. (26:17) – How long do I stay at each new step? (follow up to question above)