Live Coaching Call 05.16.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (02:20) – My husband has started taking testosterone and has a newfound energy and youthfulness.  I’m also on a new medication that I’m struggling with.  I don’t want to go back to rejecting him, but I’m just not in a place where I can be there like he wants.
  2. (11:58) – We were doing so well but then my husband started demanding more and getting defensive when I’d try to talk to him about it.  We need to have deep conversations but I worry about his reaction.
  3. (20:31) – How do I stop being passive aggressive with my husband when I don’t like how he is parenting our kids?  I feel like he needs to learn a lesson and he’s doing damage to our kids.
  4. (46:33) – I’ve worked on myself and broken down a lot of walls, but I find myself now being triggered by things.  How do I stop being triggered?