Live Coaching Call 05.29.21

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (0:00) My daughter calls me wanting help solving problems in her marriage but it leaves me exhausted. How do I set boundaries with her without feeling guilty about it?
  2. (21:45) I’m trying to change my thoughts about a situation with my husband since I’ve finally let go of the idea that he is going to change. He is a self-proclaimed total introvert and gets especially anxious when he feels he does not have control over whether or not he attends social functions. I love getting out to do things, and sometimes it’s hard not to feel resentful when he doesn’t want to do even something simple like go get ice cream or go to the park with friends in the neighborhood. I would love some help changing my thoughts!
  3. (39:15) My husband says I shut down in a conversation if I don’t get my way.  How do I resolve this and understand how to handle it better?