Live Coaching Call 06.07.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:57) – I am in a near sexless marriage. I have a rare disorder that has affected all of my hormones. I no longer have any estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone and therefore sex has become difficult to even think about. I have always been the lower desire partner so this has been an issue our whole marriage. I feel like my husband has almost given up because we’ve tried so many different things. I desire coaching on where to start building that intimate relationship from where we are now. I want an intimate relationship but can’t get around everything that is stopping me.
  2. (17:12) –
    How to find a balance between acceptance and change?  Because I’m sick of trying to create something that’s never existed and believing that it’s even possible but I also don’t want a divorce.
  3. (34:15) – My boss/business partner treats me terribly.  He is disrespectful of me and my time.  I need to have a conversation with him but he decided to go out of town after we had set a meeting.
  4. (43:34) – Often when my husband gets stressed he lashes out at me about sex even if it has nothing to do with sex.  I don’t like that he does this.
  5. (55:18) – We are staying with my mom and dad and I don’t like her behavior.  I just want to pack up and go back home.