Live Coaching Call 06.27.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:11) – Husband and I had a fight.  The first one since we got back from our trip.  I feel like we are back at the beginning where he doesn’t see the effort I am putting in and nothing is ever going to be enough.
  2. (12:56) – Clarity on the visions of marriage that my husband and I have. They are different and sometimes the same. But the difference is becoming more and more clear and troubling for us.

    My view of a marriage – Intimacy as a couple in every aspect of life (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc…) while still being separate individuals. This closeness and connection can bring us great joy. We still are different as people but celebrate and love that. We have our own preordained plan and agency. Hope to get to the point where are are creators together in this life and the next

    His view – Connected in every aspect in life. Not many differences in opinion and schedules. Most every minute together. So in love that doing all this is not a problem and we actually love it.

    (More of a hopeless romantic perspective. Yes, he says he does believe in me being my own person, but his actions show otherwise a lot of the time. He is getting better and better sometimes at not being so codependant but it is still a difficult problem.)
  3. (35:08) – I am still working on feeling turned on and having an orgasm.  It seems no matter what I do it doesn’t happen.