Live Coaching Call 08.08.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:44) – I have a new job and I’ve been nervous about going to the cafeteria and checking things out.  I’m worried I will look out of place and be judged by others.  I end up just going home to eat my lunch but I want to quit running away from my anxiety.
  2. (20:20) – After listening to your podcast on if you don’t know what you want in bed I came to a realization that I often put pressure and expectations on myself to do something that we’ve tried every time.  How can I change that?
  3. (32:29) – How do I know if I should stay comfortable in what I’m doing or push myself to grow?
  4. (46:29) – Things are still the same in our sex life (no orgasm) even after trying a lot of things.  How do I have more enjoyment and pleasure even if I don’t orgasm?