Live Coaching Call 09.20.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:10) – I just listened to your most recent podcast and it raised a few questions. So the last few months I’ve been a lot more confident in the bedroom. I’m not sure what switch flipped, but we have a lot more good quality sex. If there are weeks we don’t have the chance to do it as often it’s still good quality. Right? Anyway, so this scenario happens a lot but this is the most recent. Saturday night we had sex. It was fun, it was hot, it was great! Whenever we have more hot sex its like enough isn’t enough 🤣 so all day Sunday he was overly touchy feely (for me), just sooo horny. Ya know? So in your podcast when you asked if sex was just about relieving the horniness versus wanting to connect with your spouse…..I’m curious about how to approach a conversation with Matt about it. When he acts horny like he does so quick after having sex, it’s really overwhelming to me. There were some moments during the day that I did tease him and by the evening I had a really emotional moment about my mom and it kind of ruined any flicker of desire I MAY have had. If I asked him I think I know his answer but then where do we go from there?
  2. (14:24) – As soon as penetration happens I want to help him finish.  I don’t want to elongate the experience.  How do I change this?
  3. (33:04) – I’ve realized I’ve been having a sex temper tantrum when it didn’t happen when I was hoping.  I got frustrated and then avoided my husband, which perpetuated the tantrum even more.
  4. (42:55) – I want to share things with my husband, but he always turns them around and blames me for his negative emotions, so I don’t share, and then he gets mad anyway.  I feel very hurt and like I can’t make progress or connect with him.