Live Coaching Call 10.06.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:44) When I think about initiating and having sex, I still have thoughts of “that sounds like work” and “I just want to relax” and I feel some heaviness in my chest and resistance. It feels like I should want to do it after all of the work I’ve done around this and I shouldn’t be struggling with feelings that it sounds like work. I would like some help working through these thoughts and feelings so I can get to a lighter place emotionally around sex.
  2. (25:12)  I would like to explore more sexually with my husband but I feel nervous to because I worry about if he thinks I look/ sound weird. I would like to talk about how to overcome this.
  3. (46:00) My husband wanted a stronger family schedule and then doesn’t follow it himself.  I’m feeling very feisty about it, but that could be because I’m about to start my period.
  4. (53:21)  How do I get over the thoughts that my husband needs to think like me?