Live Coaching Call 10.10.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (05:18) – I would like to get my husband on board with scheduling sex. I am not one for spontaneous sex as I have to prepare before (shower, household tasks done before, etc). I am in a very busy period of my life – I have two high schoolers with very busy athletic/social schedules. My husband in the past has said I have turned him down so many times that he doesn’t initiate any more. I am tired at night so I am OK with not initiating and going to bed. I think if we had two days a week scheduled, I would do better because I would mentally prepare for it. I am a planner. I have mentioned in the past about scheduling and he didn’t like that idea… but he has put the “ball in my court” for initiating. So I feel like I am responsible for our sex life.
  2. (22:08) – My 13-year old came home and saw my vibrator on the night stand.  She didn’t want to talk about it then but I need to know how to talk to her about it.