Live Coaching Call 10.18.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:26) – I desire to build more trust with myself. The other day my husband I tried some light bondage and It turned me off. I felt no pleasure and I just shut down. I was honest with my husband and we stopped however in that moment I realized I still have self trust that I need to build within myself.
  2. (24:44) – How to stop the cycle: my husband doesn’t want to be emotionally intimate unless he feels physically intimate and I don’t want to be physically intimate if he isn’t emotionally intimate.
  3. (47:18) – After going to the retreat this weekend I want to implement spending more time with my feelings but I always feel like my time isn’t my own.  We are busy with our business, family, church, and I just don’t get any time for me.