Live Coaching Call 10.26.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (02:27) – To be able to intimately attracted to my husband even when he doesn’t see the importance of things that matter most to me (lots of eye rolling and pretending like he cares but doesn’t)

    Example: marathon running has been a big part of my life for the last four years. It’s kept me accountable for my self and has given me joy and opportunity to grow.

    My husband doesn’t understand it and I don’t even try to explain it to him. He watches the kids when needed. But he also tends to roll his eyes and give his “opinions” when I want to run races. In fact there have been times he got mad at me for not finishing a race in time to get his bbq he pre ordered on time. So I finished the race and got cold shouldered all day.

    I don’t desire him to understand why but I do desire him to be understanding that this important to me. This has been a huge shut off for me when it come up wanting to have an intimate relationship with him. Sex is important to him and I have worked through my own crap so that I could build my confidence in the bedroom so I feel unsupported when he rolls his eyes or gets irritated when I ask for his help with the kids. He always says things are a hassle. So I have adopted this belief that I am a hassle to him.
  2. (20:14) – Many years ago there was infidelity in my marriage.  I thought I had worked through it with a therapist but I am finding that I am freezing up lately when we talk about intimate things. I have a fear of being hurt again even though he is a completely different person today.
  3. (32:28) –
    My husband is becoming a life coach and keeps trying to coach me.  I have a fear of being controlled and have a lot of anxiety about him being unhappy with me.  I’m a people pleaser.
  4. (49:11) – I’m brand new to the membership.  We’ve been married 2-1/2 years and have a 5 month old.  Sex isn’t what we thought it would be and I’m the problem.