Live Coaching Call 11.10.20

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (0:00) I have struggled for years with anxiety over large purchases. We are in the process at looking at a new car – I’m feeling a tightness in my chest and extremely nervous about the whole process. I have done the model but can’t get pass the anxiety. There is more to the story – this is more my desire than my husbands – he says our 07 Honda with almost 300,000 miles is a fine car – but this has always been an issue for me – spending money is hard for me.
  2. (17:00) How to feel sexy when I feel foolish. I took on a challenge and did a pole dancing class this week. I wanted to cry 4 times and wanted to leave. I didn’t though! I stuck it out AND bought new lingerie AND surprised my husband right after his shower that night with a lap/chair dance. He loved it! And wanted more. I hate it and feel so dumb and uncoordinated. I am
    Doing and trying new things to figure out how to enjoy sex.
  3. (28:30) Help with a 10-year old daughter who is throwing tantrums.