Live Coaching Call 11.18.20

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (0:00) I need help changing my brain while IN sex. I start off motivated and I like the anticipation feeling of when we start, but that fades as things get going and once PIV starts my mind turns negative because every action after that feels so empty. I don’t understand how to feel pleasure or connection, even in the small ways during sex. This has been the underlying issue for years and I still don’t feel any progress.
  2. (22:00) I have recently lost my desire for sex again. I have completed a thought download and here is the run down……The problem is I have lost desire to have desire if that makes sense. This just happened recently – my husband is having some kind of health issue. He seems to be fine with having sex and has plenty of desire. I think it’s a huge turn off for me. How do I get past these feelings. 
  3. (30:38) Discussing my recent podcast on masturbation and how to talk to her kids about it.