Live Coaching Call 11.2.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (03:22) – My husband for as long as we’ve been married (10 years) has been very moody and been up and down. Sometimes he treats people (mainly customer service reps so unkindly) and I can often sense this vibe of hatred in him toward our kids He knows it and is trying to get into counseling and some medication etc. I want to see this passed this but it’s hard to want sex when I know my spouse is so moody.
  2. (23:45) – Husband and I went out of town together for an entire week. It was a business trip for him, and just fun for me to tag along.
    I was excited to try sex some more without kids and chores Amanda mental inhibitions. We ended up having sex twice and it was… meh. I feel like I went in with a good mindset and excited to try. I achieved orgasm, but afterwards still left me feeling like I could care less if we did this again.
    Once again feeling broken. Still wondering if after 25 years I’m just not that into sex.
  3. (43:46) – My husband and I want to try anal sex and would love some help and tips.

(53:12) – Special Announcements about upcoming things in the membership.