Live Coaching Call 11.22.2021

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:16) – I have a grumpy husband and I’m noticing that I was dealing with it fine at first, but now that it’s been a week or so I’m angry at his anger.
  2. (18:16) – My ex-stepdad passed away recently and I’m struggling with emotions that I didn’t expect to have or want to have. He was not a good dad and I have had very little contact with him during my adult life. I am now finding myself having compassion for him and feeling sorry for the lonely life that he lived. His funeral is coming up and I don’t know how I want to show up. I want to be respectful, for my brother’s sake, but I’m worried about listening to family members talk about his life. I have step-siblings and cousins that I really want to visit with and this will most likely be the last time that I see them.
  3. (34:57) – I’m taking on more tasks and responsibilities each week than I can handle.  I want to show others that I am competent and capable but then I end up losing time with my true priorities…my family.
  4. (40:33) – My husband doesn’t see me, he only sees when I do that is what he wants.  How do I deal with this?