Live Coaching Call 11.29.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (05:01) – Balancing between sexual boundaries and helping your partner feel safe? My husband likes to grab my boobs and he’ll touch my nipples and if my body isn’t in a sexual desirous place it does not feel good to me. I’m trying to ensure that I feel safe while also not giving a rejecting vibe but after I’ve gently moved his hands a few times it honestly makes me really mad.
  2. (26:12) – Understanding on how to better think about the family situation between my mother in law and me and my husband.  I want there to be clarity in the relationship and not feel rejected by her and in turn I reject her and don’t want to deal with her. The reality is that I would love to have a good relationship with her but I think she’s made a lot of assumptions but never said anything to me just around me and now she’s willing to have a conversation on zoom with me and my husband about the relationship.
  3. (43:04) – I would like to know how to best approach my husband about the time he spends on his phone (Facebook Marketplace). When our grandson is here (he lives downstairs, every other week due to parents’ custody schedule) – my husband is eager to spend as much time as possible with him, phone free. When he comes back upstairs, it hurts a little when my husband chooses to be on his phone when he is around me. I don’t think he is looking at questionable content, but he goes down a rabbit hole with on line listing.