Live Coaching Call 12.05.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (02:55) – I would like to learn how to actually enjoy “giving” to my husband during sex. I feel selfish for just wanting to receive and not want to do anything to him. When I do try it feels unauthentic to me/like a should. He deserves to be wanted to be given too. Feel like less than of a spouse for it. I want to get pleasure from his pleasure instead of being repulsed/grossed out/ weirded out from it with anxiety.
  2. (22:06) – I listened to the Jennifer Finlayson Fife podcast you recommended about anxiety. Matt just accepted a new calling that is going to take him away Sunday mornings leaving me to get myself and the kids ready and fed before church. And then I’m imagining doing that with a newborn in a few months. Our Baby is due in the middle of his busy season too, which is already leaving me feel overwhelmed. Then my brain spirals into imagining the PPD that’s coming and that’s not even to mention dealing with the grief that will come too. I don’t like living from a place of anxiety and fear because it makes me feel out of control and powerless in my life. I don’t feel valid in talking to Matt about it because he is already spread pretty thin when it comes to his busy season and I don’t want to complain to him about needing him more at home because that doesn’t feel good either.
  3. (39:46) – I want to talk about getting present, out of my head and into my body vs “the mechanics” his and mine for physical sensation goals vs emotional connection goals