Live Coaching Call 12.16.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (03:17) – I would like some direction in how to keep myself in a good positive headspace more often. I find myself overthinking a lot and being extremely hard on myself. I really want to be working on myself in good healthy positive ways.
  2. (22:55) – I’d like to work on the thoughts around me “controlling” my husband’s thoughts. My head knows I can’t control them, but my body still reacts like I can and should be controlling them. I couldn’t even listen to the podcast on flirting because it makes my stomach knot up. I don’t want to create unwanted sexual advantages, so I don’t dress in front of my husband. I don’t shower with him. I don’t kiss him and I definitely don’t flirt. I think this is from conditioning that I’m in control of my husbands thoughts. I’m so mad and I want to work past that. I don’t know how. I also want to get to the place where I’m not saying “I hate sex”. I tried on the thought “I didn’t like the sex I’ve had in the past” and that felt better. I want to think “Maybe I could like it in the future” but that is a hard thought to wrap my head around.
  3. (48:00) – I find myself angry, mourning, and grieving the 20 years I’ve lost and even our wedding night.  How do I get through this?