Live Coaching Call 12.20.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (04:03) – I want to learn how to get aroused (the switch from enjoying sex to feeling the drive of sex) in sex
  2. (17:09) – Guidance how to deal with a husband who prioritizes his families happiness over his own wife. We are going to Hawaii for Christmas and dreading it because we are spending it with his family and even sharing the two bedroom villa with his sister and her family. 3 days in we are switching rooms so that his sister can have the bigger room. Sounds small and petty but my husband isn’t expecting a single penny from his sister and we have to prioritize “fairness” so she’s happy
  3. (42:32) – I am linking my sexuality to my worth.  I feel inadequate as a wife because I don’t desire him like he wants