VIP Call 12.21.2022

Amanda coached on the following:

  1. (01:43) – To gain acceptance about what I’m finally becoming aware of. I’m learning that the things I “hate” in other people are characteristics that I exemplify but in a different way. I’ve been hearing that you judge yourself the way you judge others but I never considered myself arrogant, likes to show off, or a bully until recently. It’s been a harsh realization and I’m not sure how to accept this and change.
    I’d also like to learn how to shift my initial reaction when my spouse says or does something. I usually jump to criticism (usually as a joke) or sarcasm (even though I get soo annoyed with sarcasm from others). I think I have a wall up, trying to maintain distance so I make those kind of remarks. Trying to keep control? Scared? Just mean? Hurting? what from?
  2. (24:28) – I’m trying to navigate my thoughts about my coaching and my family and my memories that are coming back from being molested by my uncle.
  3. (42:25) – I’ve become more aware when I’m feeling grief. I’m trying to allow myself to practice feeling that grief when it comes up. Now that I’m aware of it, what’s next? How can I better allow grief and happiness to co-exist?