Live Coaching Call 12.27.2022

Crystal coached on the following:

1. (03:42) How to not see conflict as a sign for divorce or let it lead to the same cycle of fights and judgment. We talked about giving equal airspace to both the bad and the good thoughts about ourselves and our spouse. Perspectives shift when we stop and sort what is ours to own and what isn’t.
Conflict is a notification to look inward to get perspective, awareness and be able to show up how we really want to instead of letting emotions lead the conversation.
2. (30:35) Perspective on what the options are when your spouse is having a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. When our brains say there are no options but misery, it helps to look at all possible options and decide what we want to choose and own that choice. We can’t control others’ choices but we do get to decide what we want or don’t want to do. Our spouse doesn’t have to be wrong or right when it comes to your integrity and values. Learning that self sacrifice isn’t noble and won’t fix the hurt and betrayal.