Welcome to the Embrace You! Course! I am so excited for you to learn these valuable skills and tools that will help you not only enhance the emotional and physical intimacy in your marriage, but improve your relationship with yourself, your spouse, and others.

This course is self-paced. You can move through it as quickly as you want to, although I recommend that you don’t do more than one module per week. For each lesson, there are specific pages in the workbook that will help you dive deeper into the work. The coordinating pages will be listed below each video. I recommend you do all of the homework before moving on to the next section.  If you take your time moving through each module, do the homework, and work to implement each new step into your life, you will see more consistent change.


ADDITIONAL RECOMMENDED READING:  I recommend the following books to all of my clients.

If you have any questions or want coaching on specific topics in this course, bring them to a coaching call.  You can also getting written coaching and support through Ask Amanda.  I ask that you use Ask Amanda instead of emailing me.