Transformational Breathwork
  • Welcome to Transformational Breathwork. Breathwork is the practice of consciously inviting in different patterns of breath to shift your current physical or emotional state (tense, fatigued, etc.) or for a specific purpose (clarity, healing, clearing stuck emotions). 

During each breathwork session, we will be using activating breathing patterns for an extended period of time to bring about transformation and healing. This modality shifts our system physiologically, allowing us to tap into parts of the brain we don’t always access as deeply during the hustle of everyday life. Often breathers describe experiencing an expansion of consciousness and an ability to see connections more clearly. 

How to prepare: 

  • It’s best to be in a private space where you won’t be interrupted. 
  • Limit your food and water intake an hour ahead of time. 
  • Have some water on hand to sip if your mouth gets dry. 
  • Make your space as cozy as possible. 

Things you may want to have on hand: 


  • A yoga mat or blanket to stretch out on
  • A rolled-up towel for beneath your knees
  • A blanket in case you get cold
  • An eye mask/cover to block the light
  • A journal, and a pen. 

Contraindications to breathwork: 


  • Pregnancy* 
  • Cardiovascular problems 
  • Significantly high blood pressure 
  • Major psychiatric conditions such as those resulting in hospitalization 
  • Recent surgery 
  • Acute infectious illness 
  • Epilepsy or other seizure condition 

*If you are pregnant, please speak with your healthcare provider before doing breathwork. Some experts say that breathwork is safe up until 24 weeks of pregnancy. You get to make your own decision, in conversation with your pregnancy-care team. 

Asthma is not a contraindication to Breathwork, but you MUST have your short-acting or emergency (albuterol or similar) inhaler next to you for the duration of the practice. 

If you have a history of significant GERD or heartburn, acid reflux, it’s optimal to do the practice seated instead of lying down.

These breathwork practices are conducted by Jennifer Cruickshank of The Vivid Life. Please reach out to her with any questions.