• 10 Modules teaching you everything you need to know to prepare for your wedding night and sexual relationship
    • Each module includes video lessons with slides with key concepts
    • Worksheets to help you understand yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, and your expectations with each module
  • Private comment section on each lesson where you can ask specific questions and I can answer you.
  • Monthly office hours on Zoom for 12-months so that you can get answers to questions and concerns and get one-on-one help.
    • You can remain anonymous
    • Ask questions in the Q&A box
    • Come on live and get coached on your specific topic


Q:Can I do this course by myself? Or should we do it together?
This course was designed for you and your fiancé to do together.  But, you can do the whole thing by yourself, if you want, and then have the confidence to teach him about you, your body, and what you need in order to create the experience you want.

Q: I’ve been interested in learning more about sex, but I am unsure about how the Church feels about a lot of it.  I also don’t know where to look for answers without running into things I don’t want to see.
A: That is why this course is perfect! I will teach you everything you need to know.  I will give you valuable “safe” resources as well as teach you what the Church does and doesn’t say about all of it.

Q: I’m a student.  Can I afford this? 
Yes, you can! This course is very affordable.  I usually charge thousands of dollars for the same material. It really is an investment in YOU and in your future.  The things that you will learn in the course will serve you throughout your marriage.  You can pay me now and learn what you need to learn, or you can pay me a lot more when things aren’t going right and you need help later.  If it is something you really want, I would also suggest talking to your parents and see if they will purchase it for you as a gift (then they won’t have to talk to you about it themselves, 😉 )

Q: What if I need more help?
You can ask specific questions at the bottom of each module or bring your questions to our monthly office hours appointments.  I am also available by email anytime.

About Me

Hi! I’m Amanda Louder.  I’m a Life Coach who specializes in helping Latter-Day Saint women learn to embrace their sexuality and LOVE their sex life!  

I believe as women embrace this essential part of themselves they can truly live their best life. They are fulfilling the measure of their creation.  They have strong marriages.  And they have a closer relationship with their Heavenly Parents.