Coaching Group begins
Tuesday, August 17 at 10am (MT) or

Wednesday, October 6 at 7pm (MT)

“To say group coaching was life changing for me is an understatement. I am a completely different person than I was 12 weeks ago. It was a huge sacrifice for me to commit to the time and finances for it, and 1000% worth it. I went into coaching hoping to improve my sex life. Not that it was bad before, but I knew I was missing some pieces. What I didn’t expect is for it to change my outlook on every aspect of my life. I am not only a more passionate and loving wife, but a more patient mother and empathetic friend. However, the biggest relationship improvement I’ve seen through group coaching has been with myself. I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally and let go of negative thoughts I’ve had for years. Improving my relationship with myself makes all the other relationships in my life even better. I was really skeptical about group coaching and at first my husband was too, but we had a strong feeling that I needed to do it. I am truly so grateful for what Amanda has taught me and the tools she’s given me to continue to improve. I promise that whether you feel like your marriage and sex life is amazing or you already recognize that you could use help, group coaching can change everything for the better.”

– Katie – 


Join this exclusive private group, where we work together to find out…

Why you don’t want it and how to get that spark back.


You wonder where the desire for sex and intimacy you once had went.

Maybe it’s the only thing lacking in your marriage.

Or maybe it’s led to problems in other areas.

You wonder why your body and mind don’t work the way they used to.

You feel broken, tired, and honestly, even a little used.

You long to feel whole again.


Maybe you’ve looked for solutions, but you just end up feeling disappointed and hopeless.   

Books. Podcasts. Courses. Therapy.

Each one promising answers, but doesn’t actually change anything.



You’re worried about what things will look like in a few more years.

Will you still struggle with a lack of desire? 

What kind of toll will this take on your marriage?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Think about what you truly want.  The life you envisioned for yourself.  You can still have that.  And more…


Somehow you found me.

I’m very different from anything you’ve heard before.

Someone talking about sex so openly.

It feels strange, yet refreshing.

You found me for a reason. 

Not because I MIGHT help you, but because I WILL.

I will help you create the intimacy and connection you’ve always wanted.

We’ll do it together.

“Instead of feeling like intimacy with my partner is an obligation or something I “have to” do, it is something I look forward to and cherish.”

 – Jennifer – 


You don’t know…at least, not yet. 

But let me tell you why I KNOW it will. 

I know this because I’ve experienced it in my own life.

I’ve seen the results that my clients are getting.

I help them create what they didn’t believe was possible.

You can too. It’s time.  My coaching program will show you exactly how to create intimacy and connection, and so much more.

I had given up hope that sex would ever get better, and I resigned myself to it just being something I tolerated to keep my marriage together.

I KNEW that there was nothing she could tell me that I hadn’t already heard, seen, or read. How wrong I was!

Sex is no longer cause for anxiety, fear, annoyance…. it’s something
I actually look forward to!

 – Joy – 


  • Embrace You Live Coaching Program: 
    • Twelve – 90 minute weekly LIVE coaching calls on Zoom 
    • Personal coaching on our calls 
    • Email and text support between sessions 
    • Access to Replays (audio and video) 
    • Fun in home assignments 
    • Community of Supportive Women
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the Embrace You Coaching Program video course (12 modules)  to review anytime and share with your spouse
  • Digital Workbook, 240 pages

Spots are limited and reserved on a first-come, first serve basis.

Special Bonuses

  • 30-Minute Private Coaching Call on any topic of your choice (can be used anytime during the 12 weeks!)
  • Continuing support after the 12 weeks with 1 FULL YEAR of For Your E.Y.E.S. Only Membership. (E.Y.E.S = Embrace You! Elite Society)

10am (MT)

Starting August 17

7pm (MT)

Starting October 6

Embrace You!

A 12-week small-group coaching program
I created just for YOU!

After participating in Embrace You! you will:

  • Create the relationship and sex life that you dreamed about when you were dating and engaged.
  • Feel more confident in and out of the bedroom.
  • Be able to show your husband how much you truly love him in the ways that matter to him and you.
  • Stop feeling anxiety and the negative emotion around intimacy.
  • Navigate relationship issues and desire discrepancies with ease.
  • Realize how amazing your body is and what it is capable of.
  • Celebrate, enjoy, and own your sexuality.

Here's what you'll learn inside Embrace You!

12 Module Video Course

Each week you will be taught important tools to help improve every aspect of your relationship with yourself and your spouse.

  • Week 1: The Art and Science of Getting In The Mood
  • Week 2: Sexual-Based Resentment, Guilt, and Shame: Release and Heal
  • Week 3: Emotional Responsibility and Independence 
  • Week 4: Sexual Belief Systems: What’s working and what’s not?
  • Week 5: Loving Yourself & Owning Your Desires
  • Week 6: Confidence In & Out of The Bedroom
  • Week 7: What You Can Control In Your Relationship
  • Week 8: Dropping Expectations Without Being A Doormat
  • Week 9: The Stages of Sex – Creating Connection, Desire, Arousal, and Orgasm
  • Week 10: Eroticism, Pleasure, and Fantasy
  • Week 11: Creating a Healthy Sexual Relationship
  • Week 12: Expanding our Sexual Self


What you will learn in coaching will completely transform every aspect of your life. But why do you want things to be different?

  • Because you know that life isn’t supposed to be this way.
  • You long for the happiness and peace you thought you’d have.
  • You know, deep down, that you were made for more.

“Little did I know that the tools she would teach me would help in almost every aspect of my life. Not only has my desire for sex improved, but I have also become a better wife, mom, and just a better person in general.”


– Christine –

Special Bonuses

  • 30-Minute Private Coaching Call on any topic of your choice (can be used anytime during the 12 weeks!)
  • Continuing support after the 12 weeks with 1 FULL YEAR of For Your E.Y.E.S. Only Membership. (E.Y.E.S = Embrace You! Elite Society)

10am (MT)

Starting August 17

7pm (MT)

Starting October 6

I love the group aspect. The other group members have the same experiences and that helps me be open. It feels good not to be alone in my challenges.

– Jenny –


I understand that talking about something so private as your marriage and sex is not something you normally do.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me.

You can be as private as you want to during our sessions and still participate fully.

While I am teaching I am the only one on camera.

When I bring you on for coaching you can leave your camera off, if you choose.

At first I was skeptical about “group coaching.” My sex life, and the struggles therein, are so personal.  

However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well it has gone and it has been more beneficial than I could have imagined.

– Mandie –