Anjanette Ludwig

Parenting teens is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard.  Anjanette Ludwig is a highly-sought after Certified Life Coach who helps moms stop arguing and start connecting with their teens. As a mother of four teens herself, Anjanette combines her extensive coaching knowledge and personal parenting transformation to show moms exactly how to create a fun, lasting, and meaningful connection with their teen. Anjanette started her coaching business, Share the Joy Coaching, in 2018 to offer moms the exact tools and strategies they need to feel more confident and influential in their teen’s life. After witnessing the dramatic change she was able to create in her own life, progressing from a grumpy, surviving mom to a happy, thriving mom, she knew she was meant to guide moms that were desperately longing to transform arguments and disconnection into intimate conversations and connection. Today Anjanette offers a wide range of services to moms – from individual coaching to a membership program, CONNECTeen. To contact Anjanette, please visit her website at