Sex Coaching and SO much more!

I found a great deal of value in the Embrace You group coaching program. I was surprised to feel ‘normal’ since many of the others in my group were struggling with similar things that I was. Being coached by Amanda was SO good and helpful. She could point out my thoughts that were either keeping me stuck or not serving me. I learned that God cares about my sexual relationship between me & my husband. I can ask for help. And I also learned that I get to decide what is right for me, no one else. I learned how to own my thoughts, feelings and actions. This program helped me open up to my husband more and have actual conversation and not just beat around the bush about sex. If I want something I ask. If he wants something he asks. I feel that I gained more confidence in and out of the bedroom. I am learning to accept me – where I am – without feeling like I have to apologize. The confidence I gained has spilled over into other areas of my life and I have more compassion for myself and others.

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