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Sex for Saints Podcast

- Learn what it takes to have a strong sexual connection throughout your marriage

- Understand how you can be sexually and spiritually whole (they aren't mutually exclusive)

- Figure out how you can create more desire in your life and in your marriage

- Change the way you think about yourself, your spouse, and your sexual relationship to actually get what you want

Recent Podcast Reviews

Faith-based yet Straightforward 
I really appreciate Amanda’s open, tasteful, straight-forward, faith-based insights on sexuality and marriage. It can be hard to find! Thank you so much!!!” –  kaymom2017
Great information in an easy to listen to format 
“This podcast has been really life changing for me. I love the way Amanda talks about sex and everything related in a casual, non awkward way, like I’m listening to a girlfriend. The epidsodes are short enough to get the info, but not be overwhelmed with a long time commitment. I have even shared them with my hubs and it’s lead to great conversations and more openness. Love it.” – //
Life-Changing If You Are Ready
I’ve binged over a dozen episodes in the last week or so, but the best was sharing an episode with my husband of +20 years and the conversations and actions we’ve taken as a result of listening and talking. Amanda shares information and gentle encouragement for Christian couples to reconsider their mindsets and goals for intimacy even if only one partner is ready for change. Highly recommended!!
 – EmCan22 

Who I am

Hi, I'm Amanda. And I am so happy that you are here.

I am a Certified Sex and Marriage Coach and I specialize in helping conservative Christian women (LDS) have a better sex life.

In addition to having the best job in the whole world, I’m also wife to Kevin, and mom to 5 kids ages 14-22.  I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I love my life.  And love helping women become who they were created to be by talking about sex and sexuality in a way that is bold, straightforward, but within my conservative value system.  You haven’t heard anyone else like me, I promise!

I have seen the lives of my clients transform right before my eyes, and I can’t wait for that to happen for you too!