Welcome to the premier coaching program for Conservative Christian Women who want more in their marriage and sexual relationship.


If you think that… 

  • Sex feels like a chore
  • It’s not pleasurable
  • It’s something you do just for him
  • “Good” women shouldn’t like it
  • You are broken because you don’t desire it like your husband (or some other women) do
Or you were taught (whether explicitly or implicitly) that 
  • Sex is wrong or bad
  • Your sexual desires are wrong
  • Your normal sexual feelings and thoughts as a teenager were wrong
  • That you should give your husband sex because he “needs” it
Or maybe you have other reasons why you don’t like it. But whatever the reason, I want you to know that…

It makes complete sense why you don’t like it!


This is the million-dollar question.  And I’m guessing, because you are here, you do.  
You want things to be different and better.



It may not seem like it, but the reason that sex is a problem has a lot more to do with the relationship that you have with yourself than you think.

We have been taught, as women, that it is our job to sacrifice our own wants and desires for the good of our husbands, our children, and our marriages.

Often, we are disconnected (or unaware) of our own desires and needs because we have been cultured to deny them or ignore them in order to be liked, to be polite, or to be approved of in some way.

This causes resentment and feelings of low self-worth because when our needs go unmet for long periods of time, our sense of self suffers and we lose trust in ourselves.

We also struggle to trust others.

When we don’t feel like we belong to ourselves, we can not share ourselves in intimate and connecting ways because we don’t have that intimacy and connection with ourself first.


This is about reconnecting you back to yourself, so that you can have intimacy and connection with yourself first.

Then you can build that intimacy and connection (and yes, sex) with your spouse.

“To say coaching was life changing for me is an understatement. I am a completely different person than I was 12 weeks ago. It was a huge sacrifice for me to commit to the time and finances for it, and 1000% worth it. I went into coaching hoping to improve my sex life. Not that it was bad before, but I knew I was missing some pieces. What I didn’t expect is for it to change my outlook on every aspect of my life. I am not only a more passionate and loving wife, but a more patient mother and empathetic friend. However, the biggest relationship improvement I’ve seen through coaching has been with myself. I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally and let go of negative thoughts I’ve had for years. 


Improving my relationship with myself makes all the other relationships in my life even better. 


I was really skeptical about coaching and at first my husband was too, but we had a strong feeling that I needed to do it. I am truly so grateful for what Amanda has taught me and the tools she’s given me to continue to improve. I promise that whether you feel like your marriage and sex life is amazing or you already recognize that you could use help, coaching can change everything for the better.”


 – Katie – 


Amanda D+D Nov-12

Build the skills and tools to deepen the level of intimacy and connection with yourself and your spouse.  

Inside the Embrace You Elite Society Membership you will learn the skills and tools you need to love yourself, love your spouse, and love your sex life.

When teaching and coaching women like you, I have a three-fold approach:


Tools and practices that draw on cognitive behavioral psychology (how your thoughts and feelings impact your actions and outcomes) to help you change your mindset and belief systems around you, your spouse, your marriage, and sex.


Tools and practices that focus on the body (somatic work and ancient Tantric practices) to help your body release and heal the trauma from familial, religious, and societal conditioning and help you experience more pleasure.


Most of us did not have a comprehensive healthy sexual education. So I will teach you about your body, how it works, and what is healthy for you and your relationship.

Along with these three principles, I bring strong Conservative Christian values and doctrine to help you connect the sexual with the spiritual.


    • My full Embrace You! Video Course (valued at $499)
    • Weekly live coaching calls so you can stay in the coaching mindset and learn how to apply what you have learned
    • Monthly classes and workshops by me and/or outside coaches 
    • Practices to help you dig deeper and get into your body and heal
    • Meditations to help you rewire the way you think 
    • Ask Amanda – get written coaching anytime anonymously
    • Private Coaching at a discounted rate 
    • Private Podcast – All coaching calls and classes are available on a private podcast feed, so if you can’t attend live you can listen on your favorite podcast app instead of having to go to the website. 
    • No contract, you can cancel at any time (if you rejoin, you will join at whatever the current monthly price is)
    • You can be coached on ANYTHING (not just sex!). This is about helping you live your best life in all areas!
    • Discounts on selected upcoming live events (workshops and retreats)
All this for just $49 per month! Or pay for an entire year for $499 (2 months free!)
(private coaching is available for an additional $99 fee per session)

You Get...

Step 1: The 12 Module Embrace You! Video Course

In each lesson you will be taught important tools to help improve every aspect of your relationship with yourself and your spouse.  These are the fundamental skills you will need in order to move into more somatic work.

Each lesson comes with homework from the workbook (available as a download or you can order a physical copy).  I suggest not moving on to the next lesson until the homework is completed.

  • Lesson 1: The Art and Science of Getting In The Mood
  • Lesson 2: Sexual-Based Resentment, Guilt, and Shame: Release and Heal
  • Lesson 3: Emotional Responsibility and Independence 
  • Lesson 4: Sexual Belief Systems: What’s working and what’s not?
  • Lesson 5: Loving Yourself & Owning Your Desires
  • Lesson 6: Confidence In & Out of The Bedroom
  • Lesson 7: What You Can Control In Your Relationship
  • Lesson 8: Dropping Expectations Without Being A Doormat
  • Lesson 9: The Stages of Sex – Creating Connection, Desire, Arousal, and Orgasm
  • Lesson 10: Eroticism, Pleasure, and Fantasy
  • Lesson 11: Creating a Healthy Sexual Relationship
  • Lesson 12: Expanding our Sexual Self

Step 2: Coaching

It’s time to apply what you have learned in the Embrace You! Video Course.  This is the hardest part and that is why coaching is what is going to help you actually make changes and progress.  There will be optional coaching calls each week to help you apply all that you have learned in the course. Coaching calls vary on the day and time, but all calls are recorded in case you can’t attend live.  I recommend you try to attend one call a week live, if possible.

Step 3: Embodiment Practices

Mindset work is so important in this work, but sex is in the body.  So, it’s important to not only learn about your mind, but also learn to feel safe, secure, desire, pleasure, and arousal in the body.  The embodiment practices help you do this.  We do some in our coaching sessions, and there are additional ones to do on your own, at your comfort level.

Step 4: Additional Learning

In addition to coming to coaching calls each week (all optional), you will have the opportunity to attend monthly classes and workshops that will teach you additional skills and tools.  You can also watch or listen to past calls and classes to help keep you in the coaching mindset.

“Instead of feeling like intimacy with my partner is an obligation or something I “have to” do, it is something I look forward to and cherish.”

 – Jennifer – 


If you long to feel whole, connected, and intimate with yourself and your spouse, you are in the right place.


Hi, I’m Amanda Louder

I’m a Certified Life Coach, and currently working on a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching certification as well.  

My speciality is helping Conservative Christian women learn to embrace their sexuality, and love their sex life (for them!) And I absolutely love serving women and marriage in this way.

I grew up just north of Salt Lake City, Utah as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) in a strong two-parent home where we did NOT talk about sex. After graduating high school, I attended Brigham Young University and studied Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. I married my first husband just after my Freshman year.  Together we had 3 children and we divorced after 13-years of marriage.

I’ve been married to my amazing husband Kevin since 2012 and we have a beautiful life together.  I am a step-mom to his two daughters, and our five children are now ages 14-23. I’ve also recently become a dog mom to our cute maltipoo.

After growing up in a home where we didn’t talk about sex, I had a lot of shame around my sexuality and spent almost my entire first marriage hating sex.  I didn’t enjoy it, didn’t have pleasure from it, and only did it to get him off of my back for a while.  But when our marriage really started going south I thought that maybe improving our sex life would help, so I starting learning everything I could about sex and sexuality, despite my deep shame.

What I learned is that I didn’t have a very good relationship with myself.  And through working on myself and sex, I began to change.  I no longer felt powerless in my marriage and my confidence grew.  I quickly realized that sex wasn’t going to fix my marriage, and it ended in divorce.  But better things were on the horizon.

Now that I am married to Kevin, I am living the life I always dreamed of.  We have an amazing marriage and a great sex life.  I have been coaching women in their marriages since 2018 and I feel happier and more content than I have ever been.   I want that for you too.


It’s normal to feel skeptical, especially when other things you have tried HAVEN’T worked.

But let me tell you why I KNOW it will. 

Because I’ve experienced this in my own life.

I’ve seen the results that ALL my clients are getting.

I help them create what they didn’t believe was possible.

You can too. It’s time.  My membership program will show you exactly how to create intimacy and connection, and so much more.

I had given up hope that sex would ever get better, and I resigned myself to it just being something I tolerated to keep my marriage together.

I KNEW that there was nothing she could tell me that I hadn’t already heard, seen, or read. How wrong I was!

Sex is no longer cause for anxiety, fear, annoyance…. it’s something I actually look forward to!

 – Joy – 


What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy is best suited when you are under-functioning and want to get back to a functioning baseline.  Coaching is more useful when you are already at baseline and want things to get better.

In coaching we mostly focus on what is going on in the present and what you want for the future.  

If you have had any sexual trauma that has not already been helped through therapy, coaching is not the right fit for you.

What if I am not currently married? Can I join this membership?

You absolutely can.  Whether you have never been married, divorced, or widowed, you still have a relationship with your sexuality. Your sexuality is not legitimized only if you are married.  In this membership, you will learn valuable skills for your own benefit as well as skills and tools that will carry over into a future relationship (if you choose.)

I'm pregnant. Should I wait to join until after I have the baby?

I have had many pregnant women join the membership and while they may not feel up to doing some of the fun in-home assignments that happen towards the end of the Embrace You! Video Course, they have learned valuable skills to navigate the changing dynamics in their sexual relationship and how to handle things during and after the pregnancy in a better way.

How involved can my husband be in the membership?

This membership is geared towards women but I find that couples who each do their own work have more success.  I am currently offering a small group coaching program for men and limited 1:1 spots for couples. Please reach out to me if you are interested in couples coaching to find out my availability.  

What if I am the higher desire spouse? Will your membership still help me?

Yes! This membership is about you! Even as the higher desire spouse you have a relationship with your sexuality and belief systems that are most likely causing you problems.  The Embrace You Video course will still apply to you in many ways, and of course coaching to help you when you get stuck.  I am here to support you in whatever way I can.  It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all.

What if I am not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Or what if I wouldn't even consider myself religious?

It’s totally fine if you are another religion or not religious at all.  I promise, you’ll fit right in.  Most of my clients are attracted to me because they like my conservative Christian background.  I talk about everything, but in a way that is in alignment with my own values. But there is never any judgement from me if your values are different than mine.  I meet you where you are. 

This sounds really good, but how do I know if I should do this?

Only you know what is right for you.  Tune into to your own wisdom.  What does she say?

I have had many clients who thought their situation was too hard, too different, too big, too small…or “too something” to be helped. But if you think this program MIGHT be right for you…it probably is.  

Thank you so much Amanda for coaching me today.  You telling me that my brain is the driver and sex is a mindset alone gave me so much hope.  I have felt broken for a long time.  I am excited to put into practice what we talked about and look forward to learning more.

– Alisha –

(A message she sent me after her first coaching session in the membership)


I understand that talking about something so private as your marriage and sex is not something you normally do.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me.

You can be as private as you want to during the coaching calls and still participate fully.

If you choose to be coached, you can leave your camera off, if you choose.

You can also choose the private coaching option (for an additional fee per session.)

I love the group aspect. The other group members have the same experiences and that helps me be open. It feels good not to be alone in my challenges.

– Jenny –

Is this the right program for you?

Let me start by saying, this ISN’T the right program for you if:

  • You have had any sexual trauma that has not already been taken care of by a therapist.
  • If you’ve never had sexual attraction or feelings for your spouse (or are asexual).
  • If you are being forced into this program by your spouse and don’t really want to be here.

But, if this program is right for you if: 

  • You want to create a more intimate, passionate, and connected relationship with yourself and your spouse.
  • Feel more confident in and out of the bedroom.
  • Be able to show your husband how much you truly love him in the ways that matter to him and you.
  • Stop feeling anxiety and the negative emotion around intimacy.
  • Navigate relationship issues and desire discrepancies with ease.
  • Realize how amazing your body is and what it is capable of.
  • Celebrate, enjoy, and own your sexuality.

Sign up today and let's get started!

At first I was skeptical about “group coaching.” My sex life, and the struggles therein, are so personal.  

However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well it has gone and it has been more beneficial than I could have imagined.

– Mandie –