Couples Coaching

Heal deep hurt, restore intimacy, and create the marriage and sexual relationship you've always wanted.

Both one-on-one sessions and as a couple

Is your marriage and sexual relationship not what you expected?

Most couples go into marriage excited about the future and their sexual relationship.  Unfortunately, most of us were not prepared for what that actually entailed.  Unrealized familial, religious, and societal conditioning around sex shaped our ideas of what our marriage IS and what we think it SHOULD be.  But most of that conditioning was wrong and set us up to create a lot of heartache and unmet expectations.  If you are tired of fighting about sex, tired of feeling unloved, undesired, or resentful, or feel like sex is the only thing that matters to your spouse, let’s change that.
In couples coaching, we address the unhealthy patterns the two of you have created that are interfering with a good marriage and good sex. We address how you are each participating (or not participating) in that dynamic.  We look at how the sexual dynamic is a reflection of what is happening in the marriage, individually and as a couple.  We also work to overcome desire discrepancies, and create more emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical intimacy. 
In traditional couples therapy you spend a lot of time training each other to “meet your needs,” which works…until the person who asked you to do something wonders if you are doing it because you truly want to and love them OR you are just doing it because they asked you to.  Basically, a lot of couples therapy really doesn’t work.  Coaching moves you into a more integrity-based mindset that is both healing and transformative.
Coaching isn’t about propelling the lower-desire partner into having more sex to accommodate their spouse.  Coaching is about helping you find the freedom and security in being true to yourself, while working to create a collaborative marriage that honors the best in the both of you and create a sexual relationship that is worth wanting.

Here's what you get:

  • Work privately with me (learn more about me here)
  • Customized program tailored to fit your needs
  • Couple and individual sessions
  • Identify specific problems and dynamics
  • Skills and tools to fix problems and heal

Here's what it looks like

  • Meet on Zoom weekly
  • Sessions are 60-90 minutes


Coaching is definitely an investment.  It’s an investment in each of you as individuals as well as you as a couple.

When Latter-day Saint couples are sealed in the temple, they covenant to labor together.  Part of laboring together is working on your individual growth as well as your growth as a couple.

“If we truly believe we are meant to be like our Heavenly Parents then all of us need some serious soul development. Families need to invest time, money, and resources into BOTH husbands and wives development… considering the return on investment being eternal rather than simply monetary.”

Authors McArthur Krishna & Bethany Brady Spalding in their book “In the Image of our Heavenly Parents – A Couples Guide to Create a More Divine Marriage.

$7997 for 4 months of private coaching

Payment plans are available.  Both husband and wife need to be willing to do the work together.  If this doesn’t work for you, please consider joining either my membership for women or my small-group for men.  Both are less expensive but do not offer the opportunity to work together as a couple or individual privately for multiple sessions.