You wonder where the desire for sex and intimacy you once had went.

Maybe it’s the only thing lacking in your marriage.

Or maybe it’s led to problems in other areas.

You wonder why your body and mind don’t work the way they used to.

You feel broken, tired, and honestly, even a little used.

You long to feel whole again.

Course Description

If you feel like you are never in the mood, have a lot of negative emotions around sex (guilt, shame, resentment), or feel like you can’t show up authentically in your sexual relationship, this course is for you!

This course will help you

1. Understand yourself better so that you can show up confidently and authentically in your marriage and sexual relationship.

2. Help you navigate relationship challenges with ease (no more duty sex, no more resentment).

3. Give you the knowledge and skills you need to understand your body and sex better to create a truly connecting, intimate, and pleasurable experience.

Course Details

  • Embrace You! video course (12 modules)  to review anytime and share with your spouse 
  • Digital Workbook
  • Access for 1-full year
  • Option to purchase physical workbook
  • Option to upgrade to the full Embrace You! Elite Society Membership.


Maybe you’ve looked for solutions, but you just end up feeling disappointed and hopeless.   

Books. Podcasts. Courses. Therapy.

Each one promising answers, but doesn’t actually change anything.


Here's what you'll learn inside Embrace You!

12 Module Video Course

In each video you will be taught important tools to help improve every aspect of your relationship with yourself and your spouse.

Our perceptions create our reality.  But does that mean they are true?  Maybe.  But not always.

In this foundational to all the lesson, I helping you understand your brain and why you are thinking the way that you are thinking.  This is a critical skill that no one really talks about but it changes everything.

Throughout the course, we will implement processes to help you continue to gain awareness around what you are thinking, understand what your thinking is creating for you, and help you shift those stories to your advantage.

You know you experience a lot of feelings, and you often feel out of control.

In this lesson, we take a deep dive on where these feelings come from, what we typically do with negative emotions, and what you can learn to do instead so that you feel better, much sooner. 

You’ve been taught your entire life that you control other people’s emotions, and other people control yours.  What if that isn’t true?

Now that you are gaining more awareness around your thoughts and feelings, you get to understand the power that you have in your own life when you take responsibility for them and quit taking responsibility for others emotions.

Do you know what you believe? Do you understand how those beliefs affect your everyday life?

Understanding how our beliefs play out in our relationships and how to identify which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to change is a crucial skill. And not just the ones on the surface, but the ones deep down that hold you back from what you really want. 

What is your relationship like with yourself? How do you talk to yourself?

Recognizing the inner dialogue that you have and how that shapes your beliefs about who you are. No more beating yourself up. Instead, decide on who you want to be and how to follow through with what you really want for yourself.

Do you know the difference between confidence and self-confidence?

In this unit, you will learn how to reduce anxiety and build confidence so that you can be the woman you really want to be. You will gain the skill of feeling secure and grounded in every situation (in and out of the bedroom).

Relationships are complicated, but they don’t have to be.

Understand what relationships are and why we struggle so much in them.  Learn how to love unconditionally, and about your own lovability.

Having a healthy relationship takes different skills and tools to be successful.  While we focus on marriage, these tools can be applied to any relationship.

You will skills and tools to show up your best in any situation.  No more people pleasing.  Learning how to deal with difficult people.  How to set boundaries appropriately, and how to have difficult conversations.

Now that you’ve developed a better relationship with yourself and with your spouse, it’s time to dive into sex.

In this unit you will learn how your body works and how to navigate desire discrepancies in your marriage.

What turns you on? What turns you off?

Learning about your sexual brakes and accelerators, eroticism, and fantasy. What creates desire specifically for you.

What is a healthy sexual relationship and how can you create it? How to set up sexual agreements and protocols.

Setting goals to move you forward and be more productive.

Course Details

  • Embrace You! video course (12 modules)  to review anytime and share with your spouse 
  • Digital Workbook
  • Access for 1-full year
  • Option to purchase physical workbook
  • Option to upgrade to the full Embrace You! Elite Society Membership.