See your sexual relationship from a different perspective.

Listen as Certified Sex & Marriage Coach, Amanda Louder, coaches women just like you and gain valuable insight into your own relationship.


Per Year Subscription

The Embracing You! Podcast is a unique look into private coaching sessions with Amanda’s actual clients from her Embrace You! Elite Society Membership.  You will hear their struggles and the process that they walk through to create actual change.  

Coaching is so powerful and to be able to hear others be coached can truly be life changing as you apply what they are learning in their coaching session to your own life and relationship.

All clients have volunteered to have their session(s) aired on the podcast. Names (and sometimes voices) have been changed to protect their identity.

Listen to sex and relationship coaching from the privacy of your own device!

  • Clients – you will hear real clients being coached through issues in their sexual relationship with themselves and their spouse.
  • Transformation – you will be able to listen to clients work on and possibly transform a part of their sexual relationship in each episode.  While change happens with continuous work and time, transformation in areas can happen in just one session.
  • Insight – when listening to the podcast, you will gain valuable insights into your own sexual relationship and how to make changes.
  • Convenience – you can listen to these calls and work on applying the principals yourself anytime, anywhere, in private.

Annual Subscription

This subscription is designed for women and couples who want to gain more insight into their own sexual relationship and hear actual coaching from Amanda Louder.

This subscription includes:

  • Embracing You! Podcast Access for 12 Months
  • Access for both husband and wife individually (fill in your spouse’s email address upon registration if you want them to have access)
  • Renews automatically at same price.
  • Embrace You! Elite Society Members always get the introductory rate!
  • Ability to be gifted
  • New episodes will air 3 times per month on Tuesdays