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I am so excited for you to be coached! Thank you for volunteering.  Everyone benefits when others volunteer to be coached because while our circumstances are not all the same, the coaching tools apply to ANY situation.  There is no topic too big or too small and there is no topic that is off limits during our coaching sessions.  As long as you are comfortable, I will coach you. 

Please read over these guidelines before signing up.


Some distractions are going to happen and I understand that. Kids sometimes interrupt. I get it. But please control the things that are within your control. Don’t be on a walk or driving in your car. Sit down someplace where you can focus. Come to the call on time and plan to be there the entire time as I can’t guarantee I can put you in any certain order.  Give yourself the gift of being truly present so you can get the most from your coaching.


My hope is that I’m teaching you tools to allow you to self-coach and most of the time you will be able to figure out what’s going on by using those tools. Sign up for coaching when you’re stuck. Please don’t sign up without a specific issue you want to be coached on. We want to give everyone an opportunity to be coached, so don’t sign up for every call unless you have specific things you need to talk about.


You can go to the call schedule page of E.Y.E.S. to see the call schedule for the month and mark your calendar, the link to sign up for coaching calls gets opened at the beginning of each month.  If you go to the link and there is nothing available, check back the following month or come to one of the other calls.


When it’s your turn to be coached I will call your name and ask you to raise your hand. There is a button at the bottom of zoom you’ll click on called, “raise hand.” Then I will bring you on so that I can see and hear you to coach you. The calls will be 60 mins long and I will try to coach 5 people total.  If I don’t get to everyone, please feel free to post your question in Ask Amanda or sign up for a different call. If I don’t get 5 people signed up, I will either call for volunteers or end the call early.  If no one signs up, I will call for volunteers or the call may be cancelled.


Please test your microphone and video before you get on the call.  If I can’t hear you or your video isn’t working (and you want to be on camera) then I will move on to someone else and come back to you if I can.  Please make sure you have a good internet connection.  If you are breaking up or are hard to hear, I will have to move on to someone else.

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