2023 Retreat

Boudoir Photography

All photos used with express permission

Boudoir photography is the highlight of the Embrace You! Retreat.  It is normal to be nervous and anxious about it.  But with our team of experts, we will have you looking and feeling your best!

Guests go in nervous and come out a whole new woman. They start to see themselves as beautiful, sexy, and in a way they never have before.

But don’t worry.  If doing Boudoir isn’t for you, you can make your photo session whatever you want it to be!

You will be sent suggestions of how to prepare for your boudoir session in plenty of time before the retreat.

Kara Hayes

Boudoir is my passion!!! There is a magic with it that I am obsessed with. Helping women see themselves as the strong, beautiful individuals they are is one of the most rewarding feelings – and on the other hand, being in front of the lens feeling like that stunning babe you are is life changing!

When I am not working with clients or editing photos I am spending time with my husband and dog. We eat lots of sushi, watch movies and sitcoms, and laugh… a lot. 

You can check out more of my work here.


Kara made the experience go from "I'm so nervous, I've never done this before" to "when do I get to do that again?"

This will be Kara's third retreat with Amanda. She has an infectious zest for life and her work. She describes her boudoir style as dark and moody but is happy to accommodate other styles if you would prefer.

Kara Boudoir 2

Sadie Banks

Sadie Banks is a photographer, mama, and small business owner. She started with wedding photography and ended in lifestyle branding + blogging photography. Her goal is to help women feel beautiful in their own skin by helping me them throughout their sessions.  She uses simple posing and helps them down to their breathing techniques to bring out the most confident woman inside of them.


Sadie made a potentially uncomfortable experience so comfortable and natural. She is awesome.

This will be Sadie's fifth retreat with Amanda. She has also been Amanda's personal photographer for 4 years. Sadie describes her boudoir style as light and airy but is happy to accommodate other styles if you would prefer.