Call Schedule

Here’s an overview of our upcoming calls.  Add them to your calendar so you can join us live.  The replays will be available afterwards on the Content Page and on the private podcast. 

To get coached, you need to sign up ahead of time. 

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VIP Calls are ONLY for VIP members. Click the link in the menu to join.

Calls *should* be in your time zone, please double check by watching for emails and texts with reminders or get the calendar reminders (which are always in your time zone.)

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Types of Calls

  • Live Coaching Call: This is where the most coaching is going to happen.  Sign up ahead of time to be coached (5 slots per call) or just come to watch.  I will take volunteers if we don’t have 5 people sign up.
  • VIP Calls: These are coaching calls for anyone who went through 1:1 or group coaching or has been in the Society for 6 months or longer. Usually 1-2 times per month.

More calls will be added as we get new members.