Do you want a better relationship with yourself? Your spouse? A better sexual relationship?

I am so excited to be offering a men’s small group coaching program.  I have been helping women for the last 5 years and I am thrilled to be offering the same life-changing tools to men.
This program is going to be all about men’s self and sexual development.  We will together to help you build the skills and give you the tools to deepen the level of intimacy and connection with yourself, your spouse, and your sexuality to help you create the life you actually want.
In the program we will work on :
  1. Recognition: Understanding what you are currently doing and why.
  2. Compassion: Building compassion and understanding for yourself as a means to change.
  3. Intention: Putting a plan in place to make change happen.
  4. Integration: Practice what you plan in each area.
You will receive videos and worksheets to watch and work on (as your time permits) each week.  We will meet together each for 12 weeks for 90 minutes to get coaching and learn how to apply what you are learning.  All calls will be recorded and you will have access to the replays (audio and video).
In addition to our weekly coaching calls, you will receive
  1. A free 30-minute private session with me (must be used during our 12 weeks together).
  2. Support in between sessions
  3. A follow up call monthly for an additional year for continued support.
I understand that talking about vulnerable topics in front of other men may feel uncomfortable.  It’s not something you are used to. But this kind of thought process is the same process that keeps you connecting to yourself and your wife.  As a man, you have probably been conditioned to not talk about hard or vulnerable things.  To not talk about emotions.  This conditioning is exactly what we work on in my coaching program.  Things that feel hard and true but are keeping you from getting exactly what you want.

Why a group?  Because in a group you get support and healing.  According to, “Being involved in groups that are healthy and have healing qualities supports your health and well-being. These types of healing groups allow you to participate in making decisions that affect you. They promote open and honest communication, create a climate of trust and personal responsibility, and inspire a sense of belonging.”

If you would like to be considered to join, please fill out the following application.  You will be notified if chosen and the start date.
I look forward to working with you!