All of these resources are ones I personally use.  Please seek out medical advice if needed and use your own personal judgment if they are going to work for you.


If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, but you don’t know where to start, here are some apps I like.  All of these apps are on iOS, but there are probably similar ones on Android.  

  1. iPassion – has some fun question and answer games. 
  2. Gottman Card Decks – has all sorts of questions to ask each other and ideas for new things 
  3. Disckreet – is a private messaging app where you and your spouse can send messages, pictures, and videos, and they won’t get uploaded to the cloud or be available on other devices. It takes a special password to get in.  
  4. Spicer – is a fun app where they give you suggestions for new things to try with your partner, and you can yes, no, or maybe. If your spouse matches what you say, then you get to see the answers and make a list of things you want to try. Some ideas are probably too far fetched for most LDS couples, but lots of ideas to stretch your mind. 
  5. Itimately Us App – is pretty robust and comes from a Christian perspective, so nothing too crazy. It’s got conversation starters, intimacy games, daily challenges, Sexploration list, intimacy bucket list, and dozens of articles from sex experts, and much more!  This app is also available on Android.

For more information, listen to Episode 88

Recommended Books

Becoming Cliterate by Laurie Mintz

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski – 

She Comes First by Ian Kerner – the thinking man’s guide to pleasuring a woman

Passionista by Ian Kerner – the empowered woman’s guide to pleasuring a man

Eight Dates by John Gottman

Untamed by Glennon Doyle – this book is a must read for every woman on the planet.  It will reinforce all the of the things you learn in coaching and point you to WHY you want coaching…to understand and love yourself better.


Mentionables – I love this company.  All of their images are model-free so you aren’t comparing your body to the model’s.  It’s also safe for husband to shop as well! Sizes XS-3X.  The lingerie is beautiful and comfortable enough to sleep in.

Personal Lubricant

Coconu – use the code “Amanda” at checkout for 15% off. They have water-based and oil-based.

UberLube – Silicone lubricant

Flavored Lubricant for Oral (do not use with intercourse!)

Aloe Cadabra – they have lots of different flavors

Crazy Girl – Candy Flavored Lube

Flavored Lube

Vibrators & Toys

G-Spot Vibrator – a low entry vibrator that is inexpensive and packs a punch.  A great one to start with. (no longer available on Amazon, only directly through the manufacturer)

Wand Vibrator – Another great one to start with.

Clitoral Vibrator – This one doesn’t vibrate as much as it uses air suction.  It’s a different feel, tends not to desensitize as much.

When you are ready to invest a little bit more into toys, I suggest and my very favorite vibrator The Womanizer Premium.

Kegel Balls – to strengthen your kegel muscles but they can also be very pleasurable (see episode 138 for more info)

Tenga Eggs – a textured silicone eggs for male stimulation

Male Masturbator – Silicone sleeve

V for Vibes – use the code “AmandaVibes” at checkout to get 5% off. They have sex toys for women by women.

Sex Clean Up

Awkward Essentials – Dripstick – the world’s first after-sex clean-up sponge that removes excess fluid from the vaginal canal. Get 10% off when you order through my link.

Period Helps

Flex Period Disk – Get $5 off your first box.

Oral Sex Helps

Manscaped – use in the shower to help with smell

Ballsy – use in the shower to help with smell

Dental Dams – a thin layer of latex that protects your mouth

Ohnut – has four interlocking rings that help with the depth of oral sex you want to be at

Books to get you "In the mood"

These books were all recommended by LDS friends, but you need to draw your own line on what is appropriate for you and what isn’t.  I have not read most of these, so read at your own discretion.

Forever Yours Series (Regency Style) – Box Set 1  Box Set 2

Fever: A Ballroom Romance – Box Set 1

Comedy with steamy scenes – His Banana.  The Billionaire’s Wake Up

Work Place Romance – Working Stiff       Love You, Love You Not

Outlander Book Series

Recommended Author: Phillipa Gregory

Clean romance, anything by Deeanne Gist or Marcia Lynn McClure  There are bare chests for the men, and passionate kissing, but nothing more is described.

Proper Romance series, several authors, several time periods (regency, modern, steampunk) nothing explicit, just enough to get you thinking and feeling.

Resources for Men

I would recommend starting with Monica Tanner’s Offensive Playbook Challenge.  This is a two week challenge that will give you actionable items to help improve your relationship with your wife.

From there, you have a couple of different options:

  1. If you want to do an online course on your own, I would suggest Jennifer Finlayson-Fife’s Art of Loving class for men. It is excellent.

  1. If you want something a little bit more in depth with coaching and similar to my program, but for men, I recommend a program by Dan Purcell.

3. Are you looking for a 1 on 1 coaching experience? Glenn Lovelace coaches men whose wives have transformed from coaching…(and those who haven’t). Are you looking to connect more with your wife?

Some links are affiliate links and I make a small commission if you purchase.