Episode 15 – Coaching Olivia

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What happens in the sexual relationship when you have two different personalities? One person's a planner and one person wants more spontaneity. Listen in as Olivia and I discuss the different personalities that she and her husband have and how to maximize her gifts to create a sexual relationship that works for the both of them.

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Episode 14 – Coaching Nicole

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Nicole has been working with me for a while in my program and through our work, some things have been brought to her awareness. Out of the unconscious and into the conscious. And now that they are conscious, and she’s aware, it’s time to work on them and work on the feelings that they are bringing up in her body.

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Episode 13 – Coaching Mandy

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What are the repercussions when a spouse abuses pornography? Well, the problem lies with the person viewing, and they are the one responsible for changing. There are still consequences for their spouse and the marriage. Listen, as I coach Mandy on the aftermath and the consequences of her spouse's pornography usage.

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Episode 10 – Coaching Jen & Floyd

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I'm really excited about today's episode because we do not have just the wife here today, but we have a couple, and this couple has been working hard for the last couple of years to change the dynamic in their marriage and their sexual relationship. Things have changed drastically for them, as you'll hear a little bit about it in the episode, and they are now ready to take things to the next level. But they have a few questions and concerns. So let's talk to Jen and Floyd.

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Episode 9 – Coaching Isabella

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When you've lived the life that you thought you were supposed to live. You've followed the path that you thought you were supposed to. Why then do we feel so disconnected and unhappy sometimes? That is the question that we are talking about with Isabella today. I think you're going to love this one.

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Episode 8 – Coaching Harper

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This is a really interesting episode because sometimes we think that we've tried everything to figure out what's going on with us and our sexuality, and yet we get in our own way. And a lot of times it can be really discouraging and we can feel a lot of really negative emotions about our sexuality that actually get in the way of us creating the relationship we want. So listen to this episode, and I would love to hear what you think afterwards.

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Episode 7 – Coaching Grace

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In this episode, I am going to be talking to Grace about a few different things that are just kind of basics when it comes to sex. So many of us were missing a comprehensive sexual education. So we need to have some of that basic foundation. The primary thing that I'm going to be talking to her about is her anxiety. So many women come to me with anxiety in general, and then definitely anxiety about sex. We're going to walk through some ways to work through some of that anxiety, and I hope it's helpful for you.

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Episode 5 – Coaching Emily

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Sexual shame is very prevalent in the work that I do with most of my clients, but it's not always obvious. Many don't realize that they have sexual shame, but it shows up in their life nonetheless. Listen, as I coach Emily on her sexual shame and how you can use the same tools I teach her in your own life.

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Episode 4 – Coaching Amelia Part 2

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Trigger Warning: Sexual abuse and sexual assault In her previous episode, Amelia mentioned some abuse and trauma that had happened in her earlier years, and she wanted to work with me on how to move through the trauma when she gets triggered, but with further exploration, she explained that what triggers her the most now is thinking about her husband sharing his sexuality with others before they were together. Now whether you have trauma in your past or not, you may feel a little triggered or even upset with your spouse for their sexual past. So if you are feeling triggered, this episode is really going to help you. If you would like to listen to Amelia’s first coaching session, go to Episode 0.

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