September 2022 - Attachments and Aversions Embodied with Rhonda Farr

We all have aversions and attachments. These quick responses impact most of our relationships. In this workshop, we’re not only going to understand your thoughts and stories around relationships and intimacy, but we’re going to get to know those stories and conditioned responses in your body. This class will bridge thought work with body work. Come ready to befriend your nervous system, learn how your body’s autonomic responses influence your thought work and so much more.

Rhonda Farr

AL Rhonda Farr

Rhonda is a former family counselor turned Life Coach. She specializes in helping over-achievers create more emotional intimacy in relationships. She is trained in somatic and emotional embodiment, which she utilizes in her personal coaching practice. She’s a wife and mother to four boys. In her free time she teaches HIIT classes at the local gym, reads all the self-help books and listens to all the Garth Brooks songs.

Here are the videos she referenced during the class:

Bonus Connecting with the Body

Somatic Grounding, Centering, Presence, and Embodiment Meditation with Music

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Download the Vagus Theory Ladder here.